Community Recovery and Resilience Grants

About the grants

The Community Recovery and Resilience Grants program will provide funding to eligible organisations to deliver recovery and resilience-building projects in communities severely affected by the Southern Tasmania Extreme Weather Event which occurred in May 2018.

The grants program is part of the recently established Community Recovery Fund, which is jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

Successful projects

A total of $500,000 will fund the following projects:




Building an Outreach Support Capability

Australian Red Cross

This project involves the procurement of data tablets, development of a standardised outreach form for recovery teams, and the provision of outreach training to local government, agency and community organisation personnel, to build social recovery capacity after an event.

Building Community Capacity to Respond in an Emergency – Australian Red Cross Training

Hobart City Council (in partnership with Kingborough, Derwent Valley and Glenorchy City Councils)

Delivery of three ‘Disaster Ready’ workshops and two ‘Communicating in Recovery’ workshops facilitated by the Australian Red Cross, for community organisations and leaders in the areas most affected by the Southern Tasmania Extreme Weather Event.

Stories of Resilience: Community Flood Recovery Through Storytelling

Hobart City Council (in partnership with Kingborough and Glenorchy City Councils)

A combined research and creative project to raise community awareness about key issues in disaster planning, preparedness, response and recovery, by conducting interviews with community members affected by the extreme weather event. A podcast series, photo gallery and short films will be produced.

Emergency Management Roadshows

Kingborough Council (in partnership with Hobart City, Derwent Valley and Glenorchy City Councils)

Conduct a ‘roadshow’ visiting each of the four most affected municipalities to provide vital and consistent information to communities on the services available to them during and after a flood or other disaster.

Vulnerable Communities - Flood Studies and Management Plans

Hobart City Council

Undertake flood management studies and modelling for the Hobart Rivulet at South Hobart and the CBD, and Lipscombe Rivulet at Sandy Bay. The studies will form the basis for flood mitigation capital works to increase protection against future flooding and increase the resilience of communities, businesses, and heritage assets.

Emergency Management Community Noticeboards

Derwent Valley Council

Provision of all-weather notice boards for the communities of Lachlan and Molesworth, which are both mobile blackspots and therefore difficult areas to disseminate emergency information.

The notice boards will allow Council, emergency services and community groups to post essential information for the community during and following future events.

Building Resilience and Recovery for Children and Young People: A Community Art Project

Hobart City Council

Engagement of local artists, supported by the Australian Red Cross Recovery Team, to work with the children and families from schools, playgroups and early learning centres along the Hobart Rivulet that were significantly impacted by the event.

Kingborough Emergency Volunteer Team

Kingborough Council

Establish an emergency volunteer team within the Kingborough municipality to build capacity and better service the community directly following an emergency.

Kingston CBD Resilience Program

Kingborough Council

Engage a recognised emergency management or disaster specialist to investigate the impacts of the event in the Kingston CBD and develop a resilience program to protect against or reduce the severity of impacts from future events.

Community Survey of May 2018 Event

Kingborough Council

Conduct a survey of Kingborough residents to obtain real data and specific local knowledge of the impacts of the Southern Tasmania Extreme Weather Event that cannot be obtained otherwise. This will support modelling and allow Council to prioritise projects, policies and strategies to provide protection and minimise impacts of future events.

Forces of Nature

Hobart City Council

Create a public art work to enhance the recovery of the Hobart Rivulet community who experienced or may still be experiencing trauma as a result of the extreme weather event.

Whitewater Creek Flood Study

Kingborough Council

Engage a recognised flood modelling consultant to complete a flood study and modelling for Whitewater Creek, to enable Council to establish appropriate development controls for planning applications abutting or close to the creek.

Laying the Foundations for Resilience: A Community Self-Assessment Pilot

Hobart City Council

Community working groups will be established in South Hobart, New Town, Sandy Bay and Lenah Valley to assess the resilience of their respective areas, identify gaps and develop a plan to rectify these gaps.

Blackmans Bay Resilience Program

Kingborough Council

Engage a recognised emergency management or disaster specialist to investigate the impacts of the event in Blackmans Bay, and develop a resilience program to protect against and reduce the severity of impacts from future events.

Building a More Resilient Derwent Valley Community

The Derwent Catchment Project Inc

Increase the Derwent Valley community's resilience and capacity to respond to future events by:

  • developing a series of fact sheets and short videos, and hosting workshops demonstrating how to manage flood and extreme weather events;
  • comprehensive mapping and survey of each river system to identify work required to increase resilience for future events;
  • public consultation on issues arising from the mapping survey and action plans; and
  • building local networks and increasing the community's knowledge and understanding of how to respond to flood events and their associated impacts.

More information

For any questions about the grants, please contact the Office of Security and Emergency Management, Department of Premier and Cabinet, by phoning (03) 6232 7189 or emailing

Our Frequently Asked Questions page also provides more information about the grants and the Community Recovery Fund.