Floodscapes is a flood awareness project which saw participating schools in consultation with City of Launceston and SES, produce three short films delivering key disaster resilience messages to community about flood safety. Floodscapes engaged schools located directly in Launceston's flood zones namely Invermay Primary School, meenah neenah Aboriginal Cultural Education Program and Launceston Big Picture School. The videos give tips and advice on what to do in the event of a flood, how to prepare your pets for flood evacuation, and how you can help your community.

Community Wise

Flood safety is a shared responsibility. In the event of a flood, pay attention to flood warnings which inform you how to keep yourself, your family and friends safe. Keep in contact with friends, family and neighbours, especially vulnerable people such as the elderly or disabled and alert them about the potential of flooding. Keep each other updated about flood warnings. Stay informed by listening to your local ABC radio, checking TasALERT and SES websites and referring to official social media sites. Be prepared.

Pet Wise

We all know that pets are part of a family. If you live in a flood zone it is important to be prepared by having a pet emergency plan which you can get by following the link below. If you ever need to evacuate due to flood, take your pets with you as well as any supplies you will need to keep them comfortable. More information about pets in emergencies is available at: launceston.tas.gov.au/Emergency-Management/Animals-in-emergencies

Water Wise

Never drive, walk, play or ride in flood waters. Flood waters are dangerous and can be toxic or may contain debris. The majority of flood fatalities are caused by people entering flood waters so stay away.